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DH Benelux | Digital Humanities Conference Benelux

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6-8 June 2018 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The website is currently being restructured. Please come back soon for more information about DHBenelux 2018.


3-5 July 2017 in Utrecht, Netherlands

Take me to the website of DHBenelux 2017


9th & 10th of june in Belval, Luxembourg

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Pre-conference events

Wednesday, 8th June 2016

Profiting from the DH synergy, different activities will take place in Belval Campus one day before the conference, co-located with DH Benelux.

During the day:

International Workshop on Exploring Old Maps, a joint initiative of the departments of Computer Science of the University of Luxembourg and the University of Würzburg. Deadline for submission: 24 April 2016. More information here.

Network Analysis in the Cultural Heritage Sector, an initiative of the CVCE DH Lab. Deadline for free registration: 27 May 2016. More information on the workshop programme.

General Assembly of Humanistica, The Francophone Association for Digital Humanities. Restricted to the associated members. More information here.

During the evening:

Kickoff Keynote (Auditorium 3.500: Maison de Savoir, 7pm)

Elisabeth Burr

Leipzig University

Digital Humanities – Multilingualism matters


Elisabeth Burr. Professor and Chair of French, Francophone and Italian linguistics at Leipzig University. Her research, teaching and main publications focus on corpora and corpus linguistics, language varieties, language and gender, language policy, the impact of technologies on the status of languages and the linguistic attitudes of human communities, and the integration of philologies and IT. 

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